Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stampathon - stamprageous!

Played with the Mochas yesterday and had way too much fun! The photos are what I did with each teacher... can we do this again... tomorrow?

These are the ones I did with Alice...
had done polymer before but not with ink and a stamp.
I am smitten!

This is the box we decorated with Cindy. What a neat idea!

Then we moved on to cards. I don't think I was being a very good follower, but heh - love the results. And even better - Cindy gave us another packet to make at home!
The scarf we did with Thea may not come out very clear in the photo - but it has different variations of color and intensity that are unbelievable!
Thia is the by product from the scarf .
This is the paper used to iron out the embossing after we dyed the scarf. Much fun!

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