Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meet Jake - My favorite subject! Kelli - enjoy!

As you all know I swap on Swap-bot and this posting is to fulfill my swap duties with Kelli. You see we are to share pictures of pets, so here he be. I've had Jake 8 years and he's my best bud. He loves to accompany me on Saturdays when we hit the yardsales and look for photo opportunities. I really think he loves to model for me. One day I just shot loads of pictures and each one was a little different (the altered shot to the right is one of them) .

One of my favorite pictures is the one where he is wearing his "doogles". It was very easy to take his picture as he would not move until I removed them. Looks already for a ride in the convertible huh?

The one here is a shot of Sundance on the beach around 1975. I superimposed a shot of Jake next to him. Sundance died in 1989, and Jake wasn't born until 1999. But I think the shot looks they were both there at the same time.

The portrait of Jake is superimposed and kinda makes him look like a southern gentleman (which he is - born in Florida!). Well this has been fun! I hope you enjoy Kelli.

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Robin Beam said...

Susi-LOVE your you teach how to alter photos?

Inky Hugs,