Sunday, January 27, 2008

100 inchies in 100 days

A swap that I am hosting is due in March, but I'm done! So here it is. There is a piece of vellum in front of each page telling a little bit about the inchies following. The cover inchies are ink and webbing sprays.
These are copper and have been distressed, embossed and inked. Nice dimensional inchies. These were done for a christmas inchie swap - black, gold and white webbing spray, gold paint, christmas stamps.
I had an old calendar book that I scrapped paint on, then embossed stamp.
This was a painting I had done on watercolor paper, then cut up. As you can tell, I was having a problem with my sewing machine.
These were done for a collaborative project that 8 others worked on - it was for 100 inches.

I use a calendar blotter on my desk and this is where I usually wipe off stamps, and inks and such. It always looks cool when they're cut down. I use it alot for ATC backgrounds.
This was a test I had done on cotton towel with inks and stamps.
This was distressed inked paper, embossed stamp.
I hope my partner enjoys this little book!


A bird in the hand said...

Hi Susi. I love your art. More people should have ADD if this is the result :))))

Glad you signed up for my giveaway.

Cheers, Colette

Niki said...

Wow - very nice! I've only made one ATC card; still learning, hope to make more ATC. Did you make the book? What material was used? Looks awesome!

Cindy Squyrl said...

Love the Inchies and Love the book!! What a clever idea to keep all your Inchies in line!

Dragonlady said...

I love the book of inchies, I know your partner was raving about receiving it..