Thursday, July 17, 2008

Digimation Challenge

Just joined a new group specifically for digital artists. This works better for me since I don't have to use anyone's collage sheets and everyone is digital. The group is Digimation and they have a terrific group of artists. The August challenge is "hope", and this is my entry. What do you think?

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CafeArtiste said...

Susi -- Thanks so much for checking out my blog.

You left a couple of comments on it, which gave me the opportunity to check out your blog, and I have to say you are doing some amazing digital art work! I love it!!! (Really love your green rabbit collage and your vintage pieces).

As you saw on my blog, I'm dabbling with digital art (my Monas in particular), but it's all still fairly new to me. I love playing around on my computer.

But your digital pieces look exactly like you cut and pasted them from ephemera and they look fantastic.

I'm using Photoshop Elements. I'd love to learn more about what you use, where you find your images and how you put it all together.

Are you on any art trading groups?