Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nancy Baumiller Collage Play with Crowabout

I was looking at several blogs today, and ran accross Nancy Baumiller. She has a Flickr site that has challenges each week. I'm hoping that I understand this correctly, you are to take what she uploads and use it in a collage. This is what I put together using three of the elements in Collage 1. I'm also to thank those who put together the items in collage 1 (Images from: linnet555, cassandra204, monkey123, Suzee Que, clotho98, jack and cat curio, wackystuff, jerseybarb85, Judy Scott, fidgetrainbowtree, HA! Designs-Artbyheather, ArtbyChrysti, sassyarts, neefer, imagesbyKim, annieoakley, Stars*Go*Blue, sPaRK*YouR*iMaGiNaTioN, wiebelwuppie, Joy Eliz, PaperScraps and Nancy Baumiller!! )

This is called beautiful dreamer - the yellow flower, the striped road background and the letters on the left are all from photos I took in Washington DC a week or 2 ago. Added my usual butterfly and wam! A collage.


Johnna said...

Hi Sisi! Love this beautiful dreamer! Very cool!
Xo's Johnna

Linda said...

This is beautiful!!! All of it!!!

Dayna Collins said...

And wam! is right. What a great collage. You really have a way with using deep, rich colors (I guess they're some of my favorite colors and that's why I'm drawn to them).