Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teesha Moore wannabe

Saw a link for Teesha Moore's website to make a journal, and I had to go look. She takes a sheet of watercolor paper 22x30 and turns it into a fabulous little journal. Michael sells a very nice paper - I think it was $3.50 - so here is my result. This is the cover. She also has videos on how to do her style of journal, painting, borders, etc. I used a sharpie (which I don't normally do) and I'm not crazy about the thickness. Will go back to my gel pen. Live and learn - right?


Johnna said...

What a cool piece of art! ILove it, you would make Teesha proud!
Xo's Johnna

joy said...

Wow! I, too, saw the videos that Teesha did and they are awesome. You have done a wonderful job with this - could I ask what kind of paper you bought at Michael's?? I don't have anything that big and am planning to go get something this weekend to try my hand at making that journal. I don't want to spend a ton of money on this; just use mostly what I have and go for it!
Again, I LOVE your journal page, Susi!!