Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jim Dine ala susi

Another for the inthishouseandgarden round robin.  This one is for Janet - and its for inspiring artists.  I have always loved Jim Dine - since his hearts came out about the time I was in high school.  Hearts are so cool too - these are made of wood and have been painted, stamped, crackled (white), inked and then covered with rock candy crackle paint.  Can't wait for the next journal to cross my doorstep!


Janet Ghio said...

Hi Suzi
These pages look great. Need to find out more about Jim Dine. Your blog looks interesting--you have done a lot of great projects.

Terri Kahrs said...

Susi, this tribute to Jim Dine's work is outstanding! Awesome pages! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Laura Bray said...

Thanks for your comment about my selvage bracelets. If I have extras, I'll send you one. You mentioned you bought a book...which were you speaking of?