Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ROD Swap received and bound

Remember the swap I was in for Remains of the Day pages?  Well I got the package from Susie yesterday and WOWZA!  They are amazing!  10 Fabulous pages and some extras from Susie to boot!  I had this idea to bind them immediately!  So I went out to my stash of old books to find the right size and here it is.  I removed the papers carefully from the book without cutting the spine.  I cleaned it up a bit and divided up my signatures.  I cut some gasket material to fit the channel, used my piercing tool to mark the holes and sewed them in.  I then took the signatures and used red line tape to put into the channel.

After putting the pages in, I added a decorative tape to
clean the edges on both sides. 
Works like a charm!

Thanks to all that participated in the swap!  LOVE THEM!!!!


babeyruth said...

Love the idea of the hard covers..hmmm I may have to think of that for my swap pages! It would probably be quicker than sewing our cool covers. Thanks for sharing

Janie Husband said...

wonderful blog........look forward to coming back...